How Can Flexible Employee Schedules Benefit Your Company?

Looking for ways to attract and retain higher quality talent?

Try loosening up a bit.

Recent research shows that over two-thirds of U.S. workers continually struggle to balance the demands of their personal and professional lives. Rigid hours and inflexible policies make it difficult for most to achieve satisfaction at work and at home – and lead to higher turnover. In fact, according to research cited in a recent post, a lack of work/life balance is the second biggest reason employees quit their jobs.

More flexible employee schedules offer a host of benefits for both employer and employee. Here are just a few of the advantages “loosening up” provides:

  • Reduced stress. Work environments that allow employees greater schedule flexibility minimize conflicts between home and work. Research by sociologists from the University of Minnesota shows that employees with greater control over when and where they work experience less tension between their work and family lives.
  • Better team performance. The 2015 National Workplace Flexibility Study shows that team functioning and performance improves when teams work more flexibly.
  • Decreased turnover. Organizations that allow employees to adjust when and where they work, based on their needs and job responsibilities, can reduce turnover. One study shows that a “results-only” work environment can lower turnover by 45 percent.
  • Improved access to talent. Work life satisfaction may well become the most valuable recruiting and retention tool of the 21st century.  The flexibility to tend to all of one’s responsibilities, and to have quality time outside of work, is priceless to most professionals.  Employers that deliver greater flexibility will logically attract and retain the best talent.

Give your employees the flexibility they need.

Create policies that allow employees to strike the right balance between work and play, and they’ll be less likely to seek these opportunities elsewhere.  Offer flexible work schedules, permit telecommuting when appropriate (as long as work is done well and on time) and search for additional ways to make work life satisfaction a reality for every employee.

Need experienced professionals?

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