Be Informed and Professional At Job Interviews

You may be searching for a new job because the one you have has reached a dead-end or you can’t get along with your boss. But once you start going on job interviews, keep that to yourself. Doing otherwise can easily create a negative impression on the very people you’re trying to convince to hire you.

Regardless of what stage your career is in, prospective employers want to hire people who are upbeat and view every job as a learning experience. Think of a way to capture the best part of what may have been a disappointing experience and express it in terms of the skills you can bring to this new employment opportunity.

Good preparation
This is just one of many things to keep in mind when you’re looking for your next best job. Points of politeness should go without saying, but bear repeating anyway: Be on time or early, take note of the hiring manager’s name and bring extra copies of your resume in case more than one interviewer is present. At the end of the meeting, use names when thanking people for their time. It will make you sound polished and professional.

Other issues that confront you as you get ready for job interviews aren’t as straightforward. Exhibiting confidence is an important part of convincing hiring staffers that you’re the right person for the job when they’re trying to find experienced professionals. But trying to hide your nervousness and convey that you’re capable and confident in your abilities is a difficult task.

Before the interview, take a couple of minutes to stay calm and visualize only success in the meeting that’s ahead. Recite your skills to yourself as you would a mantra during meditation. It will put you in a frame of mind to win over people with your personality, skill set and belief that you can meet the company’s goals for the position at hand.

As workers try to land the jobs that allow them such flexibility, they need to put extra emphasis on nailing their interview performances as well. It helps to practice the answers to common interview questions by role-playing with a friend or just reciting to yourself in front of a mirror. That way you can get another person’s feedback or see your facial expressions as you give your pitch.

Just as important is the ability to show interviewers that you’ve done your homework. Asking specific questions about the company and the job opening will show you’ve taken the initiative to research the firm.

Finding flexibility
Being able to meet work duties within a schedule that allows employees to address family activities is becoming increasingly popular with workers who are trying to juggle child care while holding down full-time jobs.

It may be important that you obtain a job that allows you a flexible schedule or the ability to work from home at least part of the time. When you embark on interviews, it’s best to delay talking about issues like salary, benefits and flexible staffing options until you’re farther along in the interview process. Once you have a job offer, these are points that can be negotiated from a position of strength because you already know the company wants to hire you.


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