Yes, You Can Be the Mother and Professional You Want to Be

Motherhood requires a variety of balancing acts – from working out a sleeping schedule with your partner to achieving the perfect work-life blend. Having a child is a milestone, and other aspects of your life should work with it, not hinder or work against it. Joy is being added to your days, not taking away from other equally essential areas that define who you are. Whether you’re committed to an industry or enjoy learning about different professions, your work life doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be detrimental to your motherly tasks.

Shift your schedule around
If your maternity leave days are over, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the ability to work from home or adjust your work hours to provide the best care for your young one. Employers should be willing to work with you to ensure the best work-life blend.

This can mean dividing your work between the office and your home, or working less than five days a week or taking contractual positions. Whatever you choose, your professional life should work with your personal one, not the other way around.

Change your mentality
The idea of work-life balance is one that distinguishes between your work and personal lives. However, the reality is that work is an essential part of your adulthood, so why shouldn’t it be as enjoyable as your personal life? You don’t have to stay in the office from 9 to 5 if it’s not going to fit into your schedule.

Flexibility is the future of the workforce, and it’s not detrimental to your employer. Having a better work-life blend means enjoying your days entirely, not just the parts where you’re with your family.


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