The War for Talent – What is Top Talent Looking for?

There’s a war going on.

But instead of playing out on the rocky terrain of distant continents, this war is being waged right here.  Across the U.S., employers are engaged in a fierce and lengthy battle to hire and retain top professionals.

How can you win the “war for talent?” Start with the right “ammunition” to neutralize the competition and get high performers to accept your offer.

Of course, that starts with knowing what top talent really wants:

Telecommuting options. Statistics from the PGi Telework Week Survey 2014 reinforce the notion that self-directed, high-performing professionals value control over where they perform work:

  • 80% of employees consider working from home at least part-time as a job perk.
  • Those who telecommute experienced less stress (82%), higher morale (80%) and increased productivity (70%).

In addition to providing a distinct recruiting advantage, offering telework provides a number of other benefits for your business:

  • According to an Inc. digital magazine article, telecommuters are almost twice as likely to work more than 40 hours per week.
  • PGi’s survey showed that 72% of employers say teleworking has a high impact on retention rates.

Fair salary and bonuses. As we mentioned in an earlier post, compensation and bonuses are extremely important to employees – especially high performers. Why? Top professionals know their worth. They understand the value they offer a prospective employer, so competitive salary and performance-based incentives are a priority when evaluating job offers.

Flexibility. Achieving optimal work-life mix is especially difficult for top talent, as they often put in longer hours than average employees. Logically, employers that offer a variety of flexible work options are especially attractive:

  • 73% of working adults cite flexibility as a top consideration when seeking a new job. (Corps Team Bi-annual Workplace Survey)
  • 45% of working adults are willing to give up a portion of their salary for more workplace flexibility. (Corps Team Bi-annual Workplace Survey)
  • 59% of employees believe the freedom to telecommute at least part-time is ideal. (PGi Telework Week Survey 2014)

To gain a recruiting advantage and attract more top performers, offer a range of flex work options, including flex time, compressed work weeks, job sharing, greater autonomy and results-based performance management.

Need “reinforcements” to help you win the war for talent?

Corps Team is a powerful ally, providing the right solutions – right when you need them most. Our flexible professional staffing and search services deliver:

  • Experienced professionals (fractional, project-based and interim) to afford your direct employees greater flexibility – and the support they need.
  • High performers to grow your core team.

Contact your local Corps Team office to learn more.

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