Top 5 Benefits of an Employee Working From Home

Zero commute time. Increased work-life satisfaction. Better focus.

The benefits for an employee who telecommutes are pretty obvious.

But for the employer, the advantages of telecommuting employees may not be as clear. In fact, some managers believe that telecommuting can be detrimental to an organization. They fear that, because telecommuting employees have more freedom, remote workers may take advantage of their situation and “slack off.”

According to research from Stanford University, however, the exact opposite is true. Their experiment showed that telecommuting actually improved employee productivity by 13 percent!

If your organization is considering offering a work-from-home option, consider these additional benefits of telecommuting employees.

More productive work hours. Zero commute time doesn’t just mean reduced stress for your employees; it translates into more productive hours of work for your organization. Furthermore, individuals who don’t start their day with a hectic commute are more likely to have a positive mindset and dive right into the work ahead of them.

Healthier, more active employees. Individuals who work from home have greater access to healthy foods, right from their own refrigerators. Greater flexibility also relieves the stress caused by conflicts between home and work. And because they’re not “chained to a desk” all day, your telecommuting employees naturally move around more – which reduces the health risks associated with sedentary jobs.

Access to a larger talent pool. When you make work virtual, you automatically (and exponentially) broaden your talent pool. Instead of being forced to recruit within a 20-mile radius or pay hefty relocation fees, telecommuting options allow you to tap talent from coast-to-coast – or even around the globe.

Lower overhead. Telecommuting can reduce a wide range of overhead expenses, such as leases, office supplies, furniture and even janitorial expenses. In fact, according to a recent article, a typical business that allows employees to work from home half of the time can save, on average, $11,000 per year!  

Increased retention. Higher job satisfaction rating and lower stress levels make telecommuting an attractive option for talented professionals. When you offer the benefits employees want most – such as increased flexibility and greater work-life satisfaction – your best people will stay working for you, longer.

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