4 Ways to Sell Your Company to Potential Candidates

Trying to land a top professional who’s currently unemployed and desperate to get back to work?

I didn’t think so.

It doesn’t happen all that often in today’s employment market. What’s more likely is that you have an open position, and you’re struggling to convert top candidates into top employees.

Your company is a great place to work. Your available position pays well, and has a ton of potential.

But how do you convince an exceptional candidate to take it?

In a job seeker’s market, you have to do a little selling! The typical top candidate is gainfully employed, treated well and anything but desperate to be offered your position. They are in the driver’s seat, so you need to explain all of the ways your organization and opportunity are the best choice for them.

Here are four ways to make your task a little easier: 

Understand the high performer’s mindset. Exceptional professionals assesses opportunities in a more sophisticated manner than other candidates:

  • They understand their value to your organization, and look beyond the “match” between their skills and your available role.
  • They evaluate a potential job change strategically, viewing it similarly to a business opportunity.
  • They look for the ways their talents and growth goals align with the position and your organization.

When presenting your opportunity, be sure to step into the candidate’s shoes to make the greatest impact.

Know the role inside and out. In addition to the skills, experience and essential job duties, develop a comprehensive success profile for the role. Sell the importance of the position to the company’s overall success, and outline the major challenges to be met during the first year.

Detail the opportunities for growth. Don’t merely present the job; sell the career move. Explain the position as it exists today, as well as its potential for future growth. By appealing to a prospect’s career needs (and creating an “opportunity gap” in his mind), you have a much better chance of winning him over.

Sell your culture of flexibility. Make it clear that your company culture welcomes and supports high performers seeking work-life satisfaction. Detail your flexible work offerings, highlight the control he will have over how he accomplishes his work, and explain the safeguards you have in place to guard against overwork and burnout.

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