3 Ways to Build Morale During Tough Times

Happy employees are more energized, productive and successful. And when things are great at your company, it’s usually not too difficult to keep morale high.

But when times are tough, how do you keep employees from heading into a slump or mentally checking out?

Get creative! Here are three fresh ideas from Corps Team for building morale when the going gets tough.

Improve employees’ work spaces. No matter where your employees work, simple adjustments can lead to big improvements in job satisfaction, motivation and productivity. Here are a few quick fixes to consider:

  • Organize and de-clutter. Spring isn’t the only time for cleaning. Organization instantly boosts relaxation and focus, so give your team time to devote exclusively to cleaning their work areas.
  • Reduce noise pollution. Collaboration is essential for certain jobs, but noisy work environments can really undermine focus and productivity (and for some, they’re just plain annoying). Consider offering noise-cancelling headphones or designating quiet spaces where employees can accomplish high-focus work.
  • Allow employees to personalize their spaces. Adding a few personal touches boosts happiness and reminds them of why they do their jobs in the first place!

Instill a sense of purpose. When employees feel appreciated, and that their contributions really matter, they’re motivated to perform at higher levels:

  • Make sure that every employee understands exactly how your products or services make the world a better place.
  • Clarify the real-world impact employees create, to help them find meaning in their work.
  • Create department or team mission statements that detail exactly how employees’ contributions make a difference.

Give them more freedom. In an earlier post on employee productivity, we cited two statistics from a Harvard Business Review article that clearly illustrate how increased freedom improves morale and performance:

  • Organizations officially permitting remote employee work at least three times per month were more likely to report revenue growth of 10 percent or more within the last year – as opposed to organizations without such policies.
  • Companies with employees displaying “high levels of freedom” in their relationships were up to 20 times more likely to outperform organizations with low freedom scores.

When employees have greater control over how, when and where work is accomplished, it creates a positive “domino effect.” Consider how flex work options such as compressed work weeks, flexible start/stop times, telecommuting and/or results-based management could help you improve employee morale.

Boost employee morale with Corps Team.

If your organization is seeking creative strategies to keep morale levels high, Corps Team is here to help. With a variety of our flexible professional staffing and search solutions, we’ll support your team when they need time away from work, minimize work-life conflicts, prevent job burnout and keep your team performing at its peak.

How can we help? Contact your local Corps Team office to schedule a free consultation.

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