4 Benefits of Flexibility for Working Families

Why are so many employers offering greater flexibility at work?

The reason is simple: flexibility is important to working families!

Recent research shows that over two-thirds of U.S. workers continually struggle to balance the demands of their family and professional lives. Smart employers know that flexible work schedules, telecommuting options and compressed workweeks can benefit working families in the following ways:

  • Reduced conflicts for the “sandwich generation.” Pew Research estimates that approximately 24 million Americans are squeezed between caring for both young children and aging parents. Greater flexibility enables working families that are a part of this demographic to meet their job responsibilities, while still attending to important family matters.
  • Better overall health. Working a standard nine-to-five schedule in an office can be detrimental to employees’ health – physically and mentally. More flexible work arrangements, however, allow working families to move around more, to eat more meals at home (and potentially make better food choices), and to recover more quickly when they fall ill. And logically, healthier people are better parents, better spouses and better employees.
  • Increased access to job opportunities. Employers that offer flexible work opportunities make it possible for parents who struggle with health or commute issues to become productive employees. In simplest terms, flex work removes barriers to employment for working families – and provides greater job accessibility for a broader range of exceptional professionals.
  • Reduced stress. Work environments that allow employees greater schedule flexibility minimize conflicts between home and work. Research by sociologists from the University of Minnesota shows that employees with greater control over when and where they work experience less tension between their work and family lives.

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