Huffington Post: There Are 69 Billion Results When Searching “Get Organized”

“get organized”

I just did this search on Google, and it yielded 69 billion results.

I didn’t read any of the top hits, though, because let’s be real: Pinterest boards and cute cubbies from Target aren’t going to cut it for my organizational needs.

If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you probably always have a ton of plates spinning. After all, you’re trying to build a company. Evaluate prospects, vendors, potential hires and business opportunities. Coordinate a hectic travel schedule.

And do it all without forgetting to buy the Borax your 9-year-old needs for that “flubber” science project next week.

Keep Your Plates (not your head) Spinning
Staying organized is one of the most challenging – yet critical – ingredients for entrepreneurial success. I speak from experience. As the CEO of a leading professional search and staffing firm, and the mother of three, I’m intimately familiar with the endless stream of information and obligations that are part of owning a business. (Words like “assault,” “barrage” and “torrent” sometimes don’t even do it justice.)

Over the years, I’ve learned a few organizational tricks which have proven invaluable. Here’s what’s worked best for me…[Read more]


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