4 Ways Flexible Work Can Benefit Your Sleep

iStock_000073626421_SmallWho needs sleep?

We all do!

Whether you’re a morning person, a night owl, or somewhere in between, the average adult requires a minimum of seven hours to feel and work at his peak.

Unfortunately, however, roughly 40 percent of us get less than that. And lack of sleep doesn’t merely make us cranky. Sleep deprivation is a serious public health issue, linked to chronic diseases, motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and – you guessed it – poor performance at work.

Rigid schedules, early start times and long commutes are just a few of the reasons people don’t get enough sleep. And not surprisingly, flexible work schedules can help you carve out a few more precious hours each week. Here’s how:

  • Shift your start time to work with your circadian rhythm. If you tend to stay up late, you may find it hard to hit your sleep minimum and still make it to work on time in the morning. When you work a flexible schedule, however, you can shift your work hours to complement your sleep cycle.

  • Reduce – or skip – the commute. Have a rush hour commute? By simply shifting your start time back an hour, you can avoid rush-hour traffic, reducing your commute time by up to 50 percent. And if you telecommute? All that morning drive time can be devoted to sleep!

  • Hit the snooze on days you need it. Kids, emergencies, illness and travel can keep you up well beyond your normal bedtime. When “life happens,” working a flexible schedule allows you to accommodate it – and still get the sleep you need.

  • Improve the quality of your sleep. Sleep Health published a study with results showing that employees who were given free rein to decide when and where they worked slept longer and reported feeling more rested.

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