Staffing Speaks Out: Global Recruiting Leaders Share Their Best Candidate Engagement Advice

In the last decade, the staffing industry has made tremendous strides in recognizing the importance of candidate engagement.

But developing a top-notch candidate engagement strategy can be difficult to execute. Competing pressures and priorities—the talent shortage, client expectations, pricing pressures, stiff competition, economic uncertainty, and limited resources—can all get in the way of delivering a great candidate experience.

We asked 13 global staffing leaders—a collection of CEOs, founders, and recruitment leaders with decades of experience in the industry—for their thoughts on candidate engagement.

What can staffing firms do to deliver a better candidate experience? How does the talent shortage impact the approach firms should take to finding and engaging candidates? What works and what doesn’t?

Allison O’Kelly, Corps Team Founder and CEO, and 12 other industry leaders their thoughts in this Bullhorn eBook.



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