Struggling With Your Hiring? 5 Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Firm!

Like many employers, you may be experiencing a talent shortage. You might be having problems finding candidates with the qualifications you are looking for. Turning to a staffing firm may be the answer. You can find the skilled candidates you need to fill your vacancies.

Discover five ways working with a staffing firm can help overcome your struggle to hire talent.

1.    Access to Top Talent

Skilled professionals work with staffing firms for the freedom and flexibility the roles offer. Job seekers can find part- or full-time and contract or direct-hire positions to fill their needs and interests. They appreciate the ability to be matched with roles that help them advance along or change their career paths. Working with a staffing firm provides your company access to these vetted candidates.

2.    Time Savings

Whether you are hiring for an entry-level, specialized, or executive role, the process takes a significant amount of time. You need to source and interview candidates, conduct skills trainings and background checks, and negotiate a job offer. You also need to onboard and train the new hire and hope they stay productive long-term.

Partnering with a staffing firm handles all of this for you. You simply interview the candidates sent to you, decide which one you want, and negotiate a job offer with the firm on behalf of the candidate.

3.    Cost Reduction

Hiring employees is expensive. There are no guarantees they will be as productive as you want or stay long-term.

Working with a staffing firm provides a set time to see how well a new hire works with your team. If they do not reach your goals and expectations, you can ask the firm to replace the employee.

4.    Vacancy Reduction

Whether your employees have scheduled or unplanned absences, their teammates typically end up carrying the additional workload. The absences can put a strain on the employees who are taking on the additional work.

Partnering with a staffing agency lets you schedule a temporary or contract employee to fill in during a permanent employee’s scheduled absence. Or, if you need help during an unscheduled absence or termination, you can find a temporary or permanent employee to fill in or replace the permanent employee.

5.    Workload Balance

If your company experiences busy periods, your employees may struggle to keep up with the increased workload. You may want to increase your employee count during these times to avoid burnout. However, you also want to avoid layoffs and unemployment benefits when the workload evens out.

Partnering with a staffing firm provides you with the temporary or contract employees you need for as long as you need them. When you no longer require their services, they can move to other assignments. Because the employees remain employed by the staffing firm, you avoid the costs involved with hiring and unemployment.

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