How Offering More Flexibility Can Lead to Greater Retention

As an employer, one of your top goals is employee retention. The longer employees remain with your organization, the lower your hiring costs. One of the most effective ways to increase your retention rates is by offering job flexibility. Most job seekers list flexibility among their top priorities when deciding which companies they want to work for. This is why you should offer a flexible schedule and remote or hybrid work. The more opportunities your employees have for flexibility, the longer they are likely to remain with your organization.

Discover four reasons why providing flexibility can increase employee retention.

More Attractive Employer Brand

Job seekers want to work for companies with high levels of job satisfaction. Most job seekers visit employer review sites during their search. They want to determine what it is like to work for a company before deciding whether to apply for a role. This is why offering a flexible schedule, and remote or hybrid work options is important. Because flexibility contributes to engagement, productivity, and retention, your current and former employees are likely to share positive employer reviews. This increases the number of candidates who want to work for your organization. Keeping your candidate pools filled is a sign of strong interest to work for and remain with your company long-term.

Better Work-Life Integration

Your employees want more control over their time to fill their personal and professional needs. Their ability to fit in work around running errands and taking care of family responsibilities helps lower stress levels. The knowledge that you care about your employees’ well-being increases engagement, job satisfaction, and retention.

Higher Engagement

Offering remote or hybrid work options helps your employees feel valued. Being given autonomy contributes to increased job performance and reduced stress. Not having to be at the office every day also decreases the need to commute and the interruptions experienced during work time. This increases productivity and encourages your employees to remain loyal to your organization.

Greater Productivity

Because flexibility helps employees stay engaged in their work, they are able to be more productive. This increases the amount of work that gets done, which provides a greater sense of accomplishment. Consistently expressing appreciation for your employees’ contributions and results increase positive feelings about their work and the organization. This encourages them to stay with your company for an extended time.

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