How to Answer “Why Are You Interested in This Position?” During an Interview

You likely will be asked a variety of questions during your next job interview. This lets the interviewer understand how qualified you are for the role. One of these questions may be about your motivation for wanting the position. How well your answer shows your excitement for the opportunity and the reasons you want to fill it. This impacts whether you move to the next step of the recruitment process.

Follow these guidelines to let an interviewer know your motivation behind wanting a role with their company.

Know What the Interviewer Is Looking For

The interviewer typically wants to uncover information in four main areas. They want to determine that you understand the role and are enthusiastic about filling it. The interviewer also wants to determine whether your goals and experience align with the position and you will positively contribute to the organization. Be sure to share details about these four areas in your answer.

Understand the Role

Pay close attention to the responsibilities in the job description. Understand exactly what would be expected of you. This helps you highlight which of your skills and qualifications are most relevant. Use this information to share why you want to take on the position.

Research the Company

Learn all you can about the organization. Focus on the company website, current news stories, and members of your network to gather information. The more details you have, the better you can craft a response that shows your interest in joining the company.

Craft Your Answer

Use the information you gathered to talk about your motivation for filling the open position. You may want to jot down some key points you want to cover. For instance, the role may align with your goals and help advance your career. Or, you might appreciate specific aspects of the position that make it unique. Be sure to show you thoroughly read the job description and can demonstrate your fit for the role. Practice giving your answer until you feel it is complete.

Finish with a Question

When you are done answering the interviewer, ask a follow-up question about the role. This creates a two-way dialogue, so the conversation continues to flow. It also shows you ask questions to gain more clarity. All of this helps you stand out from other candidates.

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