Resignations on the Rise? Add an Exit Interview to Your Offboarding Process

An exit interview is an organized talk between a company leader and an employee leaving the organization. This discussion is centered around the employee’s experience working for the company. The goal is to provide closure for both parties.

An exit interview provides insight into why the employee decided to leave the organization. This feedback aims to facilitate an amicable end to the employee’s relationship with the company.

Understanding why employees leave helps improve issues with the organization. This encourages other employees to remain long-term.

Follow these guidelines to conduct an exit interview during your offboarding process.

Write Down Questions

Create a list of open-ended questions to cover during an exit interview. This provides a basis for the discussion.

Use your list of questions to guide the exit interview. This ensures all topics are covered.

Cover general aspects of the company, the employee’s position, and their reasons for leaving. Include space for additional comments as well.

Schedule the Exit Interview

Consider what the employee’s day may look like when setting the exit interview. Find a time that works well for both them and you.

Aim to conduct the exit interview near the end of the employee’s last day with your company. Scheduling anything earlier may result in the employee being less candid about their departure. Conversely, scheduling the exit interview after leaving your organization provides no motivation to participate.

Conduct the Exit Interview

If you and the employee are not acquainted, introduce yourself. Let them know you are conducting the exit interview.

Share the main topics you will cover. Include orderly transitions in between.

Let the employee openly share their thoughts. Take notes throughout the interview.

When finished, thank the employee for their time. Also, ask whether you may contact them for clarification or additional information. Ensure you have the correct contact information.

Analyze the Exit Interview Answers

Focus on the parts of the answers that provide the most beneficial information. This includes which issues consistently come up. It also involves whether employees have common reasons for leaving your company.

Communicate your findings with the leadership team. Then, work with these leaders to make changes and resolve the issues.

Examples of Exit Interview Questions

What were your job title and primary responsibilities? The employee’s answer lets you track the responses.

Were your training and support sufficient? There may be knowledge gaps that require the training materials to be updated. Support includes the relevant resources, tools, software, and assistance to complete the work.

What is your main reason for leaving the organization? Finding a common response can help resolve the underlying issues and retain more employees.

How do you feel about your supervisors and management? The employee likely will be honest about any problems when they are leaving the company.

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