Tips from a Recruiter: Using Artificial Intelligence for Interview Preparation

Using AI can be an efficient and effective tool when preparing for a job interview. While ChatGPT is the most well-known, other options are available including HIX.AI, Chatsonic, Youchat, and many more. Whichever you choose, these systems can assist in various ways to help get you ready for an interview.

The first thing to do is load the relevant information into the system, such as a job description, company name, your resume, etc. The more you include, the better the result. Using this data, an artificial intelligence tool can provide the following:

  • Interview Questions: AI can use the job description to generate sample interview questions you may encounter. You can use these to hold mock interviews and practice your answers.
  • Interview Analysis: Once you’ve practiced, you can upload the audio from your mock interview so the AI can analyze your quality of answers.
  • Company Research: Just typing in a company name into an AI tool will provide great insight into the organization and more in depth than simply reviewing a company website (which you should still do).
  • Resume Support: No one should use AI to generate a full resume, but if you upload your existing one it will make recommendations for improvements. If you also add the job description you are interviewing for, it can highlight the most relevant skills and experience for the specific position.

The tried-and-true steps of preparing for an interview still remain – do your research (on the company and hiring manager), practice interviewing, polish your resume. But now you can add AI to the mix as an additional means to hopefully land the job of your dreams.


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