Getting the Most Out of a Four Day Week

Weeks with a three-day weekend ahead tend to be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s nice to look forward to a little break from the daily grind, but how are you supposed to get everything done? Here are 5 ways to stay productive during a short week:

Set achievable goals.

Figure out which tasks have to be done this week and which can be done next week to move things off your to-do list. You can also delegate some of your work to make sure projects are completed.

Stop multi-tasking.
Do tasks one at a time to make sure work is being done thoroughly. Hopping around from task to task prevents you from dotting all the “I”s and crossing all the “t”s.

Tackle your challenging tasks before lunch.
Do your tasks in the morning while your mind is fresh. Then you won’t be trying to work while also day dreaming about laying by the pool on Friday.

Take more breaks.
Take a few moments to dream about the pool or take a short walk outside. That way your mind can hit reset and you can focus on your work.

Shift priorities as needed.
Some of your team might leave a day early. Some of your team might come back a day late. Communicate schedules and shift due dates or meetings to make sure projects are being done well and on time.

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