How to Network on Social Media

You have your social media profiles completed, you’ve picked your most professional picture and you’re posting interesting content. But how do you reach out and network online?

Here are a few ideas:


  • Network individually using introductions or customized invitations to connect.

                If you don’t have a direct connection, message a mutual connection and ask for an introduction. If you do have a direct connection, invite them to connect by sending a message that says how you know them and why you are interested in talking. This is particularly helpful in getting connections to companies while you’re job searching

  • Network in groups.

                Search the “Group” tab on the LinkedIn site for relevant groups to join. There you can post interesting content and interact with other group members.

  • Ask for recommendations

                Ask previous managers or even coworkers for recommendations. That way you can expand on your skills and expertise on your profile and keep in touch with old colleagues.


  • Retweet, favorite and respond to other’s content.

                Follow industry magazines, news sites, bloggers, and colleagues. Not only should you be posting consistently, but you should also be interaction with other twitter accounts consistently by retweeting and favoriting.

  • Follow and use relevant hashtags.

                Search for hashtags that go with your industry. There you can retweet, favorite or start a conversation with twitters accounts that are similar to yours.

  • Join twitter chats that are relevant to you.

                Search online for Twitter Chat topics. You can use a platform like to follow the chat like you’re in a chat room and answer questions, talk to other tweeters or add in your own information.


  • Join Group Pages.

                Much like LinkedIn, search for and join group pages on Facebook that are relevant to your industry. There you can comment on the posts of the group and add to the conversation on their wall by posting your own interesting articles or commenting on other group members’ posts.

  • Search relevant hashtags and join in conversations.

                You can also search hashtags on Facebook by putting “#[topic]” in the search box. Comment there on interesting articles and posts to expand your network.

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