3 Reasons to Consider Active Job Seekers Today

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly!

With so much emphasis being placed on the merits of “passive” candidates of late, active job seekers are getting a bit of a bad rap. Recruiters may assume active job seekers are desperate, incompetent or otherwise unfit for consideration.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are just three of the many reasons why active job seekers make great hires – and why you should target them as part of your recruiting mix:

Active doesn’t mean desperate. Much of what has been written recently about passive job seekers suggests that they’re the true “talent gems” every business needs. In reality, many active job seekers can be equally as valuable to your organization.

According to LinkedIn’s 2014 Talent Trends report, active job seekers make up 25 percent of the fully employed workforce. In other words, many active candidates are hard working, successful professionals, too. They aren’t necessarily desperate to find any job; LinkedIn’s report shows that three of active job seekers’ top five motivators for changing jobs are related to professional growth:

  • Greater opportunities for advancement
  • Better compensation & benefits
  • More challenging work
  • Better fit for skill set
  • More learning opportunities

They’re ready to make a move. Passive candidates typically have to be “lured away” from their current positions and may drag their feet during the recruiting process while they weigh their options. With active candidates, this isn’t typically an issue. They know they’re interested in making a career move, which can greatly expedite your hiring process.

You may be splitting hairs.

How would you qualify a professional who isn’t actively applying for jobs, but is scouring postings looking for his next move? Does it really matter? The distinction between active and passive candidates is rapidly blurring – and in many cases, irrelevant.

Not all active job seekers are poor candidates; not all passive job seekers are superstars. At the end of the day, the way you classify a job seeker is not as important as: their experience and qualifications; their potential fit within your organization; and their interest in your available job opportunities.

Seeking highly qualified professional talent – now?

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