Brian H., Executive Assistant

PlacementExecutive Assistant

Name: Brian H.

Candidate experience/career goal: Executive Assistant/Senior Admin

Company description: Growing healthcare improvement Company

Interesting fact about the placement. Client contacted us with a need for a high-level Senior Admin to support multiple executives in a specific region. Brian was submitted by Corps Team and quickly selected for an interview, which went extremely well. Both the client and candidate were expecting a job offer. Unfortunately, due to a last minute referral, another candidate was hired. Fast forward to a month later and the other candidate was not working out. The Head of Administrative Services contacted us, remembering her positive experience with Brian, and asked if he was still available. Luckily, he was! One phone call later, he was offered the job, relocated from Tampa to Charlotte, and started his new position. Since joining them, the client is thrilled with the work he’s done and it’s a great match on all sides!


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