How to Convey Quantifiable Information on Your Resume

The words you choose to present information on your resume can significantly impact the number of interview requests you receive. Because leaders want to hire proven achievers, you need to quantify the results you attained for previous employers. Include statistics to back up your claims of the value you provided in previous roles. This is one way to measure the knowledge and skills you have to offer that hiring managers are seeking.

When polishing your resume for your next job search, follow these guidelines to add numbers that drive home the impact you can make.


Point out how much money you made or saved an employer over a set time. For instance, you developed and implemented a specific idea that saved $50,000 annually and increased sales by $100,000. Or, you saved 4 hours per month on creating a report, freeing up 48 hours annually for other important work, thus increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


Share how you increased efficiency within an organization during a specific period. For instance, you reduced staff turnover by 25% over six months. Or, you initiated and managed tracking systems used for a “specific project,” saving $145,000 on the overall project through a 40% decrease of staff allocation time.


Be specific about the volumes you’ve produced. For instance, you managed 20 team members. Or, you oversaw a $5 million budget.


State your top ranking within an organization. For instance, you were the number one sales producer for a six-month period. Or, you were the first person to earn a six sigma black belt at your company.


Mention your top ratings within a company. For instance, you were Employee of the Month in October 2020. Or, you were voted Team Representative for an organization-wide competition.


Share how frequently you performed a particular task. For instance, you reviewed and evaluated 50-60 articles per week and decided to either pass the articles to the editorial team or send them back to authors for further revisions.


Include the frequency of your actions that improved a company’s bottom line. For instance, you chaired a promotional committee of 15. Or, you presented marketing plans to an audience of 80 students at weekly university senate meetings open to all 3,000 community members.

Ask a Recruiter for Feedback on Your Resume

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