Our Core Values and How They Can Make a Difference for Your Business

At Corps Team, our purpose is to Make a Difference. For our clients, our candidates, and the consultants we place. Our core values drive us to deliver strong results. Because each company’s staffing needs are different, we customize our approach and regularly follow up to ensure success. Our focus is on developing lasting relationships with our clients and truly Making a Difference for their business.

Discover how our core values can Make a Difference for your company.

Cohesive & Collaborative Culture

We are one company and one team. Although each member’s needs and objectives can change each day, we maintain the same ultimate goals. We collaborate daily in line with the same vision and mission. This keeps us collectively moving forward to find the best talent in the market for your company.


Our entrepreneurial spirit motivates us to work hard, solve problems, and innovate to grow the business. Because we work as a team, we share ideas and best practices. We view the business as personal and always strive to improve our results. This helps us find the most effective way to fill your staffing needs.

Responsible Flexibility

We believe in work-life alignment.  Like a teeter-totter, you cannot stay perfectly balanced all the time. However, you can seek alignment and find greater, more sustainable results. Responsible flexibility promotes alignment between work and life. We promote the same belief and behavior with our candidates. Our clients benefit from increased engagement, productivity, and retention.

Pride & Integrity

We are proud of our business and our brand. We believe in and live our mission. Because our professional recruiters operate with honesty and integrity, they adhere to what is right, fair, and true. This means we work with candidates and clients with the same values. Everyone benefits.

Service Excellence

Our goal is to provide impeccable service to every person we work with. This includes clients, candidates, internal colleagues, and external partners. We perform our best each day to maximize results for everyone.


Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our candidates, clients, consultants, and team by connecting and retaining great talent with great companies. We find significant inspiration from the story “The Star Thrower” by Loren Eiseley. To summarize: There was a young man on a beach throwing starfish back into the ocean. When a wise man asked why he was doing this, the young man answered that the sun was up and the tide was going out. If the starfish stayed on the beach, they would die. The wise man looked around and saw hundreds of starfish. “Young man, you cannot possibly expect to make a difference for them,” he said. As the young man picked up another starfish and threw it into the water, he answered, “I made a difference for this one.”

Let Corps Team Make a Difference for Your Company

Just as the young man made a difference for the starfish, Corps Team can make a difference for your company. Contact us today to learn more about how our core values and exceptional staffing solutions can benefit your business.


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