Retention Starts with The Right Candidates: How to Find Your Perfect Match

Hiring employees costs a significant amount of time and money. You need to advertise the job, prescreen and interview candidates, and negotiate a job offer. Then, you have to onboard and train your new hire.

If your new hire leaves within a short time, you need to repeat the hiring process all over again. This takes even more resources away from your other priorities.

These are reasons why you want to hire the best candidates and have them remain for as long as possible. The more time your new hires remain with your organization, the greater your return on investment.

Follow these guidelines to hire the most qualified candidates for your team.

Use Applicant Tracking Software

Your candidate retention efforts need to begin at the start of your hiring process. You need to keep top talent engaged from when they first apply for a role. Otherwise, they may drop out of your process before you can offer them a position.

The use of applicant tracking software (ATS) helps you stay in touch with your applicants. The software automates communication, so you and your applicants know which step they are at in the hiring process. Your applicants also know when they should hear from you by and what they should do to prepare for the next stage.

Your applicants are more likely to move as far as possible through your hiring process when they continue to hear from you. The candidate you hire will be more likely to remain long-term because you keep them informed about relevant issues.

Look for Alignment with Company and Candidate Values

Employees are more likely to remain with organizations whose values align with their own. This is why an emphasis on company values should be part of your hiring process.

For instance, ensure your company values are communicated throughout your website, social media, and marketing materials. These are sources that candidates tend to focus on when researching potential employers. Sharing your information in these places increases attraction of the right candidates.

During your interview process, ask each candidate what their personal values are. Find out what attracted them to your organization. This should clarify whether your candidates’ values are aligned with your company’s values. Invite your qualifying candidates to move forward in your hiring process.

Prioritize Employee Well-Being

A happy workforce is more engaged, collaborative, and productive. The more your employees feel valued and respected, the longer they are likely to stay with your organization.

This is why you need to ensure that your employees have regular opportunities to talk about different aspects of their roles and workload. These discussions may occur through meetings with a manager or peer-to-peer catch-ups. The sooner issues are identified, the more supported your employees feel.

Source the Best Candidates

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