How Temporary Staffing Can Be Your Key to Filling Gaps on Your Team

When you have gaps on your team, employee engagement and productivity tend to decrease. Your employees may feel stressed about the additional workload. This is especially true if the gaps are unexpected or remain long-term.

When you have gaps on your team, it may be in your best interest to bring aboard temporary staff members to help out. This can spread out your team’s workload and reduce stress levels. It also helps your employees stay engaged and productive.

Discover four ways temporary staffing can help fill gaps on your team.

Cover Unexpected Absences

Your employees may call in sick, not show up for work, or decide to work for another employer without giving notice. This increases the workload for your other employees.

A temporary staff member can fill in for the absent employee for as long as needed. As a skilled professional, the worker can quickly adapt to the role and help with the workload. This reduces the stress of having your employees take on additional tasks.

Prepare for Your Busy Season

Your business likely has increased production demands throughout the year. This requires additional staff to help with the workload. Your employees cannot handle significantly higher workloads for an extended period without heading toward burnout.

Adding temporary staff members to your team helps you scale according to your business needs. You can bring aboard as many temporary staff as needed for as long as necessary. When your production levels head back to where they typically are, the temporary staff can move to other assignments.

Because the temporary staff are employees of the staffing agency, you pay only for the services used. This means you are not responsible for payroll, unemployment insurance benefits, or related expenses. As a result, you save a significant amount of money by not hiring employees.

Gain Hard-to-Find Skills

You may take on a project that requires niche skills your employees’ lack. Training to develop these skills likely would take a substantial amount of time. This probably is not a reasonable solution.

Bringing aboard a temporary staff member with the skills you are looking for can help your team move forward on the project. The temporary member can stay until the project is completed, then move to another assignment. Or, if you have an ongoing need for their skills, you may offer to permanently hire the temporary member.

Fill High-Turnover Roles

You may have a position that employees do not stay in long-term. If so, the time and money spent trying to fill the vacancy quickly add up.

A temporary staff member may remain in this position for an extended time. If they decide to leave before their contract ends, another qualified worker will replace them at no additional cost. This saves you time and money long-term.

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