A Positive Team Is a Positive Workplace

Encouraging positivity among your team is important. Positive feelings increase employee motivation, productivity, and effective decision-making. This also reduces stress, stress-related health concerns, and burnout.

Promoting positivity at work influences coworkers to follow your example. This encourages positive feelings throughout your organization.

Implement these tips to develop a positive team that influences the rest of your company’s workforce.


Smiling increases positive thoughts and feelings. This stimulates feelings of happiness.

Smiling is contagious. It encourages your team to see the best in situations.

Cultivate Relationships

Maintain relationships with your team. This promotes open communication and collaboration.

Regularly check in with your team. For instance, see how they are doing both personally and professionally. Also, find out whether your team members have questions or concerns or need support. Provide help when needed.

Express Gratitude

Thank your team for their efforts and outcomes. Clarify what your team members did, their results, and their impact on the company.

Be genuine in your praise. This inspires your team to behave in a similar manner to their coworkers.

Share Positive Words

Choose words that are personal, encouraging, and empowering. Such words promote optimism among your team.

Sharing words in a constructive manner encourages your team to listen to you. Positive messages have positive impacts on your organization.

Practice Gratitude

Actively find ways to show gratitude for your team. Finding their positive qualities brings out positivity in yourself.

Look for ways your team members’ efforts and results benefit your organization. Point out concrete examples of how these actions add value to your company.

Practicing gratitude promotes trust, respect, and mutual appreciation among your team. This increases employee engagement, productivity, and retention throughout your company’s workforce.

Model Positive Behavior

Demonstrate the behavior you want your team to follow. As their leader, they are inclined to follow your example.

Emphasize Your Company’s Mission

Remind your team why they perform the work they do. This is especially important during difficult times.

Understanding the reason behind the work provides motivation for your team to work. This elevates your team members’ abilities to be resilient while working through challenging circumstances.

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