Management Tip: The Power of Listening

Most employees feel their manager does not listen to them. This is one of the top reasons employees give for being disengaged at work.

Managers who do not listen to their employees contribute to low job satisfaction rates and employee morale. These factors decrease employee retention rates.

Because the power of listening is so great, managers must actively listen to their employees. This improves employee performance, productivity, and your bottom line.

Learn about the power of listening and how it can benefit your team.

Promote Employee Communication

Encourage your employees to talk with you when needed. They can address ideas, questions, concerns, or issues.

Consider asking your employees to complete pulse surveys. These anonymous, single-click surveys let employees provide input on specific issues.

You can use the surveys to gather feedback on the topics you want to know more about. Then, you can address the results during team and one-to-one meetings.

Ensure you listen more than you speak during these meetings. Your goal is to hear what your employees have to say. Then, you can use their feedback to take action to improve the issues addressed in the surveys.

Prioritize Listening

Actively listen to what your employees say. This shows you value and respect their thoughts and contributions.

For instance, set aside time during individual and team meetings to discuss your employees’ work experience. Also, ask for constructive feedback each week to improve your performance.

The more you listen to your employees, the more they will trust you. Your team should reward you with increased engagement, performance, and productivity.

Ask Questions

When your employees express their thoughts, ask follow-up questions. Gather more information to understand what your employees are saying. Then, restate what you heard to check your interpretation.

Asking questions shows you are paying attention and want to understand the information. This promotes employee engagement, learning, and collaboration.

Implement Employee Ideas

Encourage your employees to develop the best ideas they come up with to benefit the company. Include your team in implementing the action plan.

Letting your employees develop and implement their most effective ideas shows they are valued members of the organization. Having a say in how the business is run promotes feelings of ownership. This encourages your employees to go above and beyond to move the company forward.

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