Adapting Your Management Style for Your Employees

Adapting your management style to fit your employees, company goals, and business operations is essential. This helps you become a more effective leader.

Not every management style is appropriate for every circumstance. As a result, you must adapt your management style to match the employee and situation.

Changing your management style promotes diversity, efficiency, and a healthier workplace. You are better able to fill your employees’ needs while moving your team forward.

Follow these guidelines to adapt your management style for your employees.

Identify Your Management Style

You likely use one of these traditional management styles more than the others:

  • An autocratic manager typically makes decisions without consulting their team. The manager may not consider the potential impact of their decisions on their employees.
  • A paternalistic manager focuses on both their employees’ and the company’s best interests. Including these considerations may lower the manager’s ability to make decisions.
  • A democratic manager involves their employees in making decisions. Involving more people can slow the decision-making process.
  • A laissez-faire manager lets their employees make big decisions. If the employees are not highly experienced, motivated, and independent, productivity may decrease.

Determine Which Management Style Would Benefit Your Employees

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would a change in management style improve efficiency in business functions?
  • Which short-term changes could improve efficiency?
  • Which changes in management style would need a long-term approach?
  • Who could assist with implementing these changes?

If you find a need to adapt your management style for your employees, start making small changes. For instance, if you are authoritarian, let your team make a few decisions. If the decisions are successful, let your team make a few more. Or, provide guidance to make better decisions.

Talk About Your Management Style Changes

Let your employees know you are adapting your management style. Explain the changes you are making and how they should benefit your team and the organization.

Answer your employees’ questions honestly and openly. Providing insight into the changes builds trust throughout the process.

For instance, if you are a laissez-faire manager, you may want to implement more employee accountability. You could share that you will begin weekly one-to-one meetings to discuss workloads and personal goals to promote success.

Request Feedback

Ask your employees and company leaders for constructive feedback on your management style. Focus on improving employee satisfaction and business performance.

Use the feedback to further adapt your management style. Continue the process for ongoing improvement.

Measure Your Progress

Determine whether adapting your management style for your employees helps improve your team. This may involve employee self-reports and retention rates. Use your findings to continue modifying your management style as needed.

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