Why Maintaining Geographic Flexibility May Help You Land a Job You Want

Why Maintaining Geographic Flexibility May Help You Land a Job You Want

When conducting a job search, you likely have a targeted role and city in mind. Finding a match would be ideal.

However, the job you want might not be in the exact location you desire. If so, you might settle for a job in your preferred location. Or, you could expand your geographic range to find the job you truly want.

Opening up your search parameters can help you secure the job you desire. Therefore, you should maintain geographic flexibility during your search.

Discover why maintaining geographic flexibility may help you land the job you want.

Job Board Location Parameters Vary

The job boards you use may limit your search more than you intended. For instance, some boards conduct highly specific searches that do not extend beyond the given range. Therefore, you might not be able to locate a job even slightly beyond the city or neighborhood you desire.

As a result, you should include in your search the cities or neighborhoods that are near your ideal location. Also, increase your search radius by 10 miles to see which opportunities come up. Your targeted job may be just beyond where you would like it to be.

Relocation May Be an Option

Even if you like where you live, the odds are you will not live there forever. Therefore, if you are open to relocating to another neighborhood in the future, consider broadening your job search to the areas you would like to live in.

If you find a job in another part of the city, you initially would extend your commute. However, you might be able to move to the area later and shorten the distance to the office.

Evaluate the Commute

If you find a job that interests you, but you are unsure about the commute, try it out. Make the commute at the same time of day that you would if you worked for the company.

If the commute seems reasonable, consider applying for the job. If not, continue your search.

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