Tips from a Recruiter: Don’t Apply to Every Job

The job search process can be tedious, frustrating, and unfortunately causes people to think they need to apply to everything. You might think throwing your resume at all open positions increases your chances, but it actually does the opposite. It is harming your job search.

Here are some tips (and reasons) why NOT to blindly apply to so many open positions –

Lack of Focus: Scattering your resume to the wind can keep you from remembering everything you’ve applied for. It’s a big red flag to recruiters and hiring managers when a candidate can’t recall the job or submits their resume to the same role multiple times.

No Customization: One resume does not fit all. Read the job description. Read the qualifications. If you meet the criteria, customize your resume to highlight those key areas for each particular role. It doesn’t take long to modify a document and it can really make you stand out.

Know Your Must Have’s: What is most important to you in your next role? Make a list and stick to it. If company size is critical, target the right organizations. If remote is a “must”, don’t apply to jobs that require any time onsite. Note: Many people apply to hybrid roles and think they can talk their way into fully remote. That’s another red flag.

Be Honest: Inflating your skills and experience or submitting a resume that does not meet the qualifications for the job is an issue many recruiters and hiring manager see. The job criteria are listed, so be honest about having what they need. If so, apply. If not, keep looking.


Help yourself and carefully consider each role you’re applying for. This approach will benefit you by saving time and frustration, but also hopefully landing the right job.


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