Closing the Talent Gap: How Recruitment Agencies Bridge the Skills Shortage for Companies

Ratio of Soft Skills to Hard Skills: What's Important

Many companies are experiencing a skills shortage. The employees’ skills do not match the skills needed to move forward.

The skills shortage is caused by a range of factors. For instance, current skills tend not to last long due to the rapid pace of technological advancement. Also, developmental gaps can result from changes in business strategy, insufficient training, or a lack of current learning and development resources.

Manpower’s 2023 Global Talent Shortage report showed that 77% of employer respondents had difficulty filling roles. Also, the Robert Walters whitepaper Bridging the Skills Gap in Finance Function found that 61% of CFOs were struggling to find qualified candidates for their open finance positions. As a result, the pressure to bridge the skills gap continues to increase.

Fortunately, you can close the talent gap by partnering with a recruitment agency that specializes in your industry. Gaining access to skilled employees helps your company remain competitive.

Discover how partnering with a recruitment agency can bridge the skills shortage for your company.

Corps Team’s Approach to Recruitment

At Corps Team, our unique approach to recruitment provides our clients with better matches, engagement, and retention rates. Our results help close the talent gap for companies.

Intake Interview

Our intake interview helps set us apart from other recruitment agencies:

  • Our Client Service Partner performs an in-depth, outcomes-based intake interview before agreeing to take on a search.
  • Our unique approach lets us determine the most effective way to meet a client’s goals through our workforce solutions.
  • Our workforce solutions include part-time, contract, project, and direct-hire employees.

Position Brief

Our Client Service Partner creates a position brief and submits it to our client. This step ensures we cover all business objectives and focus on the right goals to provide our client with the most qualified professional.

Custom Talent Acquisition Plan

Our Talent Acquisition Specialist customizes a plan to source, recruit, and screen professionals to meet the mutually agreed-upon criteria in our position brief:

  • We include our active and passive community for a more thorough search of qualified candidates.
  • Our private talent network of over 300,000 professionals + their networks + targeted recruiting = better hires.

Go to Market

We use what we learn from our intake interview and position brief to create and execute our Custom Talent Acquisition plan. We market the role according to the plan, then source, screen, and recruit the best talent.

Selection Brief

Our Talent Acquisition Specialist presents a selection of candidates for review:

  • Each candidate is prescreened by our experienced recruiters and evaluated by their hard and soft skills, personal needs, and goals.
  • Our client receives a selection brief that includes a summary of our assessment of each candidate and a copy of their resume.

Selection and Placement

We take multiple steps to complete the recruitment process:

  • Coordinate interviews
  • Debrief our candidates and client
  • Ensure we attain our intake goals
  • Manage the job offer process
  • Support our candidate and client through any roadblocks
  • Help onboard our candidate
  • Follow up after 30, 60, and 90 days to ensure success

Are You Ready to Start Closing Your Company’s Talent Gap?

Partner with Corps Team to bridge the skills shortage for your company. Start the process today.



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