Harnessing the Power of Intergenerational Mentorship: Empowering Growth and Success

Embracing Gen Z in a Multi-Generational Workforce

Harnessing the power of intergenerational mentorship empowers your team to grow and succeed. Having your team share their knowledge, skills, experiences, and perspectives benefits all of your members.

Encouraging your team members to invest in each other helps them feel valued. Your team learns to prioritize ongoing learning for increased professional growth and success.

The ability to provide and receive guidance, encouragement, and support helps your team navigate the challenges that arise throughout their career paths. The result is a stronger, more cohesive team with members who remain with your company long-term.

Implement these tips to harness the power of intergenerational mentorship for growth and success.

Create an Intergenerational Roundtable

Set up an intergenerational roundtable for your team to meet monthly and share ideas that support cohesion, collaboration, and productivity. The goal is to find a common purpose and respect different viewpoints.

Creating this intergenerational roundtable builds trust among your team. Your members should feel comfortable sharing ideas and perspectives to improve how they work together to reach company goals.

Develop Mutual Mentorship

Encourage your intergenerational team members to teach each other new skills and perspectives. This mutual mentorship helps your team members increase their competencies, team involvement, and motivation to grow.

Mutual mentorship shows your team members they can learn from their intergenerational teammates. This mentoring style supports ongoing learning for increased employee and team success.

Implement Reverse Mentorship

Support your millennial team members in mentoring intergenerational teammates. This mentorship style exposes your team members to different viewpoints and experiences. The process also helps millennials maintain engagement, productivity, and performance.

Reverse mentorship lets millennials make a difference in the companies they work for. For instance, because millennials grew up using technology, they can teach intergenerational teammates how to use the company’s technology. Knowing whom to turn to for help increases cohesion and collaboration among your team.

Reverse mentorship helps you deepen your relationships with millennial team members to better understand what they want and need from your organization. More effectively supporting your team members increases inclusivity in your company. Strong inclusivity helps attract and retain team members.

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