Tips from a Recruiter: Mobile Recruiting

Tips from a Recruiter: Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting is a recruitment strategy focused on the process of identifying and attracting candidates through mobile technology such as career pages, job ads, texts, and recruiting apps.

Close to 90 percent of job seekers now utilize a mobile device when looking for a new opportunity, according to an article by Bullhorn, and mobile job searches exceed 1 billion monthly. It’s a not a trend anymore, it’s here to stay.

Here are some tips on how to engage in the mobile recruiting process:

Mobile Recruiting Apps: For companies, ensure your recruiting software has mobile capabilities like creating new job postings, viewing resumes, messaging candidates from the app, etc. Many apps allow a fully functional end user experience as well.

Fast and Easy Experience: Most candidates want a quick and convenient experience. Generation Y will make up 75% of the workforce in the next 10 years, so mobile processes are key to keeping them engaged. Anything too cumbersome may turn them away.

Text Messaging: The way companies reach candidates is an essential part of a mobile recruiting strategy. SMS messaging is the fastest growing communication channel, per a Bullhorn survey of 1400 global staffing companies from 2019. People expect to be able to communicate via text and the open rate of those messages is nearly 100%. That’s considerably higher than most outreach results recruiters receive. For example, LinkedIn response rates average roughly 30% depending on the company, and traditional email is even lower.

It’s no surprise mobile recruiting is forefront as most people are on their phones throughout the entire day. A streamlined process is a big plus for the overall candidate experience and simplifies everything. After all, bringing the best candidates to the table is what every company wants.


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