Traits to Look for When Hiring a Remote or Hybrid Schedule Employee

The skills needed to be successful in a remote or hybrid role often overlap with those needed for in-office positions. However, because working away from the office comes with unique challenges and responsibilities, employees need different strategies to overcome them. This is why you need to hire team members with the flexibility, determination, and initiative to be successful with this nontraditional work arrangement.

Here are six of the top traits you want in remote or hybrid employees.

Communication Skills

Remote or hybrid work requires keeping in touch more often for updates and help with tasks. These employees should understand when to send an email, make a phone call, or set up a video call so that everyone can better manage their time. They also need to report on what they accomplished and what they still need to do so that everyone can stay on the same page.

Technological Aptitude

A remote or hybrid employee needs to understand and adapt to technology. Because much communication and work are done through video conferencing, messaging apps, and collaboration platforms, the ability to use different forms of technology is required.

Passion and Motivation

Team members who are passionate about their work perform well individually and collaboratively. They are motivated, self-driven, and bought into the organization. These employees thrive in remote or hybrid environments because they commit to getting the job done and doing it well with little supervision. They also adapt their energy level, output, and time to match their workflow and meet deadlines.

Decision Making

Remote and hybrid staff must make decisions using the information they have. Because they may have coworkers in other time zones, they may not be able to reach out to the right team member when needed. Instead, the employee must analyze the situation and make a proper decision on their own.


Because remote and hybrid employees are not always in the office, they need to find other ways to connect with coworkers. This may include casual conversations, small jokes, and other methods to form personal connections within virtual meetings and discussions. The humor and energy that is created help elevate morale.

Results Orientation

An emphasis on producing quality work before the deadline is important for remote and hybrid employees. They must schedule their tasks, manage their time, and pay attention to detail to attain desirable results. Staying organized, productive, and accountable are a few keys to success in this area.

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