5 Ways to Attract the Next Generation of Talent

Many members of Generation Z, born after 1996, are graduating and entering the workforce. As the most diverse generation full of digital natives, these are excellent workers to add to your team. Knowing what Generation Z typically wants from their employers can help you attract them to your organization.

Here are five ways to encourage Generation Z to want to work for you.

1.    Prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Generation Z wants to work for employers who show that diversity, equity, and inclusion are highly valued. One way to demonstrate this priority is by asking candidates what their pronouns are and using the correct ones. Another is to show women and people of color in leadership, training, and discussions throughout your organization.

2.    Stay Active on Social Media Platforms

Because Generation Z is tech-savvy, they tend to spend a significant amount of time on social platforms. This is one reason your company needs to create and share information and job openings on a regular basis. Make sure all information is current, engaging, and reflective of company values. Also, include employee photos, videos, stories, and testimonials that show why they enjoy working for your organization.

3.    Provide an Attractive Work Environment

The majority of Generation Z prefer to work both onsite and remotely. Along with a competitive salary and work-life integration, meeting coworkers in person is important. Having an ethical manager, meaningful work, and professional fulfillment rank high as well. When these workers find roles, they feel connected to, many plan to stay for several years.

4.    Offer Flexibility

Work-life integration is important to Generation Z. This is why you should offer flexible hours and the ability to work remotely. Being able to participate in kids’ school activities and run errands while fitting in work lets employees accomplish more each day. Rather than having to choose between their personal or professional responsibilities, staff members can have both. This results in greater job satisfaction and personal happiness.

5.    Promote Career Advancement

Members of Generation Z prioritize the ability to move forward in their career paths. Be sure to point out opportunities for promotions within your organization. For instance, if a position opened up because an employee moved to a higher role, let candidates know. Also, mention the types of training and employer-paid continuing education opportunities that are available to encourage skill building for advancement. Additionally, share how managers work with employees to set goals and delegate tasks for career development.

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