Consider These Incentives to Get People Back to The Office

Many workers may be hesitant to return to the office. They might be concerned for their safety, have family members to care for, or have other reasons holding them back. However, you likely have open roles that need to be filled. Offering the right incentives can help resolve this issue.

Offering any of the following incentives can encourage workers to return to the office.

Prioritize Health and Safety

Share the action being taken to keep your staff healthy and safe. This may involve taking temperature and symptom checks, reorganizing the office, enforcing social distancing, requiring masks to be worn, and enhancing the cleaning process.

Offer Mental Health Programs

Many employees are struggling with mental health issues because of the ongoing need for social distancing. Having to integrate work with child care, schooling, and other responsibilities are challenging as well. As a result, levels of stress, anxiety, and depression are higher than usual. Offering mental health programs can help employees cope.

Provide Increased Flexibility 

Although the majority of candidates and employees want the flexibility of working remotely, you may want them in the office at least part of the week. You can compromise by offering a hybrid work model. For instance, you may set Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as office days and Tuesday and Thursday as remote days. Also, let your staff decide when they start and end work each day. Remind them that they still need to finish quality work by the deadline. Additionally, offer increased remote workdays as a reward for exceptional work.

Include Financial Incentives

You may need to provide increased compensation to fill your roles. This may involve higher wages or salaries, increased benefits, additional vacation or sick days, or bonuses. The greater the earning potential, the more applicants you should have.

Offer Child Care Reimbursement

Working parents may be interested in receiving help with child care. This may include subsidies for daycare, in-home care, emergency backup care, or tutoring. Having reliable child care would relieve the stress of having to work while caring for children.

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