5 Ways to Show Your Employer You Appreciate Their Leadership and Guidance

Every day is a great day to express appreciation for your manager. Not only will this make them feel good, but it also can strengthen your professional relationship. The better you get along with your manager, the easier your job is. This can help you advance in your career.

Choose among these five ways to show gratitude for your manager.

1.    Write a Thank-You Note

Because handwritten notes are rare, they leave a lasting impression. You can express your appreciation for your manager’s action and share how a specific incident impacted you. This may involve your recent work and something your manager did that really stood out. Perhaps they asked a colleague to help with your workload, recognized your contributions and achievements in front of the team, or let you work remotely one day each week. Your manager can look back at the note and remember how their action helped you in a positive way.

2.    Share a LinkedIn Recommendation

Let your manager’s network know specific reasons why your manager is great at their job. This may include sharing a paragraph that points out their top skills as a manager and leader. Your manager’s connections can learn about some of the great things your manager is accomplishing. Your manager may decide to provide you with a recommendation as well.

3.    Reach Out to Your Manager’s Boss

Let your manager’s boss know a specific example of your manager’s hard work. You may decide to send a short email mentioning the general leadership your manager showed on a project. Praising your manager to their boss provides you exposure to other leadership. It also gives your manager and you an opportunity to rise.

4.      Offer to Help Your Manager

Any work you can take off your manager’s plate is appreciated. This may include coming in early or staying late to work on a project, covering the duties of an absent colleague, or handling tasks for your manager. Your proactivity and willingness to take on additional responsibility show you are reliable, responsible, and trustworthy. The more you do for your manager, the more they will do for you in return. This can lead to additional bonuses, raises, and promotions.

5.    Provide Positive Feedback

Talk with your manager about something specific they did that you appreciate. They need positive reinforcement just like every other employee. You might share one of their recent achievements, what you admire about it, and how it impacted you. Expressing gratitude for your manager’s actions and results contributes to trust and respect in your relationship.

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