The Impact of Vaccination Status on Hiring

Online invoicing provider Skynova conducted a study of hundreds of employees who tested positive for the coronavirus. The results showed that more than three in five hiring managers would ask a candidate about their COVID-19 vaccination status. Sixty-one percent of the respondents said the answers to the vaccination questions would impact their hiring decisions. This contributes to the issue of whether job seekers should be vaccinated before returning to the workplace.

Discover some ways that candidates’ vaccination status can impact employers’ hiring decisions.

Managers’ Concerns for Their Teams

More than 57% of the employees who participated in the study said their managers encouraged them to get vaccinated. Part of the reason likely is because of the managers’ concern for the employees’ physical and mental health. According to the study, approximately 28% of employees felt extremely concerned about their physical health, and 23% felt extremely concerned about their mental health. Since managers need to balance the needs of their team with the needs of the organization, having to accommodate for team members being absent due to COVID-19 provides additional challenges to overcome. As a result, managers may prefer to hire qualified candidates who are vaccinated over those who are not.

Managers’ Experience with COVID-19

Twelve percent of the hiring managers who responded to the study reported previously receiving a positive diagnosis for the coronavirus. Also, 51% said they were told by an employee that they received a positive COVID-19 test result. Forty percent of the managers privately handled the issue with the employee. Approximately 21% of the managers gave the employee vacation time. Eighteen percent of the managers reported a diagnosis to the team or higher-ups. These actions likely impacted why 29% of the managers said they would require their employees to get vaccinated. The same likely applies to potential hires as well.

Clarification of Vaccination Expectations When Hiring

Let job seekers know from the start of your hiring process what your expectations are for COVID-19 vaccinations. Ensure the hiring team provides consistent messaging as well. For instance, be direct about your vaccination requirements and exemptions in your job postings and the application process. Include messaging on your careers site and application portal to clarify that vaccination is a condition of employment. Also, provide relevant information to everyone in the hiring process who may need to answer questions about the policy and its enforcement. Encourage emphasis on the health and safety of your workforce. Job seekers who are looking to return to the workforce and have safety concerns may be more likely to apply with your company if it has a vaccination mandate. This shows your organization cares about employee health and is taking measures to maintain their safety.

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