Interview Question: “What Are Your Strengths?”

A common interview question is, “What are your strengths?” Odds are you will be asked this question during your next job search.

The interviewer wants to determine whether you know your strengths, whether you can realistically describe them, and whether they are relevant to the job you want.

The strengths that interviewers often look for include communication, analysis, and leadership. Other examples include organization, teamwork, and time management. The strengths you discuss during the interview should align with the job description for the role.

Follow these guidelines to answer the interview question, “What are your strengths?”.

Write Down Your Strengths

When preparing for your interview, make a list of your strengths. Then, review the job description to determine the ideal characteristics the interviewer is looking for in a candidate. Next, compare your list of strengths with the job description to determine which strengths are most important for the position. Focus on these strengths when practicing your answer to what your strengths are.

Use the STAR Method

Share a story to illustrate your answer to the interview question, “What are your strengths?” Include the situation, task, action, and result (the STAR method) when detailing your experience:

  • Describe the situation or event.
  • Explain the task you needed to accomplish.
  • Outline the action you took to finish the task.
  • Clarify the results of your action.

Learn from a Sample Answer

Review an example of how to share what your strengths are during an interview so you can create your own answer:

I have developed strong communication skills throughout my work experience. As a human resources professional for more than six years, I regularly interacted with employees to explain company policies.

I recall when I was asked to share with the entire company a recent policy change for our hiring practices. I crafted several emails, training, and a presentation to help every employee understand the changes and answer any questions they had. Because of my efforts, the new policy was smoothly implemented.

Looking for Additional Interview Preparation?

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