Women in the Workplace: Empowering Each Other

Women in the workplace should support everyone in their organization. However, women empowering each other is especially important.

Women in the workplace empowering each other help change the narrative and open doors for other women. This helps women become the leaders they work to become. It also helps close the gender pay and equity gaps.

Discover how women in the workplace can focus on empowering each other for increased career success.

Amplify Other Women’s Voices and Ideas

If you see a colleague or coworker interrupt or shut down a woman who is speaking, say something. For instance, “Angela, I don’t believe you were done sharing your thoughts. We would like to hear more of what you wanted to say.”

When a woman’s ideas are overlooked or credited to someone else, redirect the conversation to what the woman shared and whom the idea came from. Similarly, give women credit for their projects and achievements. Empower women by pointing out how their contributions benefitted the team and organization.

Share Your Career Experiences

Be vulnerable with other women about your good and bad experiences throughout your career. Provide insight that other women can learn from so they feel less alone in their professional paths.

The more genuinely you connect with other women, the stronger your relationships will be. This is especially important for empowering women to rise to leadership roles.

If sexual harassment arises in a conversation, emphasize that women’s safety and well-being always come before work. If you feel comfortable, open up about your own experiences with sexual harassment at work. Candidly speak about what to do if a woman ever finds herself in an uncomfortable situation.

Discuss Salary Information

Promote transparency and reduce the gender wage gap by being open about your income. Empower other women to know what to ask for in line with their industry and role. This helps reach gender pay equity.

Set an Example for Other Women

Use your everyday behaviors to empower other women to grow and thrive in their careers. Push back on the habits and norms that have discouraged women from reaching their goals.

For instance, graciously accept the praise and attention you get for your accomplishments. Recognize that you used your knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve your objectives. These actions encourage women to own their success rather than deflect praise and minimize their contributions.

Support Women Who Work and Have Families

Talk with women in your organization who are mothers about how you can best support them. Although they might not be able to answer your question, they will appreciate the fact that you asked.

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