Candidate Appeal: Boosting Attraction with the Right Benefits Package

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Candidate appeal plays a significant role in how effectively your company attracts and retains talent. Providing what candidates are looking for encourages them to apply to your job openings.

One way to boost candidate attraction is by offering the right benefits package. Providing attractive benefits encourages candidates to work for your company. These benefits also support long-term employment with your organization.

Discover how to boost candidate attraction with the right benefits package.

Offer Competitive Benefits

MetLife’s 20th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study 2022 showed that 66% of employees surveyed indicated they require a comprehensive benefits package to work for a company. Also, 45% of respondents stated they must have opportunities for training and development to advance in their careers.

The most in-demand benefits include health insurance, a retirement plan with a company match, paid time off, and training and development. These benefits can be supplemented with perks such as remote or hybrid work arrangements and a flexible schedule for a strong work-life balance.

Determine Your Employees’ Desired Benefits

Send out a survey asking which benefits your employees prefer. Perhaps your employees desire paid sick days, paid volunteer days, or other benefits you do not offer. Offering the desired benefits helps attract and retain employees.

Request Candidate Input on Benefits

Include in your interviews questions about which benefits candidates would prefer if they worked for your company. Requesting candidate input shows you care about your employees and helps your employer brand stand out.

Offer a Customized Benefits Package

Use the results of your employee surveys and interview responses to offer the benefits that were most often mentioned. Then, let your employees customize their benefits package to fit their needs:

  • Create an employee benefits program policy that clearly and fairly states the rules and terms of the program and packages.
  • Calculate the amount of money to spend on each employee per month or year.
  • List the benefits your employees can choose from and their monetary value.
  • Educate your employees on how they can customize their benefits package.
  • Let your employees choose their benefits based on the company policy.

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