Tips from a Recruiter: Why Work Culture is Important  

Work culture is defined as the collection of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of employees within an organization. This may look and feel like different things to different people, but the impact of a positive work culture is unarguable.

According to an article on Indeed, “While some people may value a more traditional work culture and others may want something more modern and fun, all healthy work cultures have many traits in common. Look for these signs of a prospering work culture when considering possible employers”.

  • Accountability: an acceptance of responsibility for your actions.
  • Equity: ensuring all employees access the same opportunities, resources, and treatment.
  • Expression: allowing employees to share who they are in a welcoming environment and without fear of repercussion.
  • Communication: how an organization engages with the people, shares information, drives conversations, and encourages employees to have a voice.
  • Recognition: the way an organization shows its appreciation for employees’ contributions.

Countless things can affect work culture from leadership to policies to ping pong tables. But the bottom line is that people want to feel good about where they work. They want to feel seen, valued, heard, recognized, and respected. A healthy work culture offers all of those.


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