Bouncing Back: 5 Tips to Reenter the Job Market After a Layoff

A Hiring Manager's Guide to Gracefully Handling Unexpected Interview Questions

Reentering the job market after a layoff can be challenging. Whether you knew you might be laid off or it comes as a surprise, bouncing back can be difficult.

Fortunately, you can use the layoff as an opportunity to make a fresh start. These tips can help.

Implement these five tips to reenter the job market after a layoff.

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Focus on staying positive throughout your job search. Keep in mind that if one opportunity does not work out, another one will.

Continue to move forward in your job search each day. Set goals for researching companies, applying for jobs, and scheduling interviews. The more action you take, the closer you get to the results you want.

2. Update Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume

Include your latest job title, skills, experience, and accomplishments in your LinkedIn profile and resume. These qualifications can help you find a new role.

Remove any information that does not pertain to your job search. Narrowing down your information helps employers and recruiters determine your qualifications for specific roles. These qualifications can lead to interviews.

3. Network

Reach out to your connections who work in your industry. Let them know you are looking for a new job.

Discuss the type of job you seek. Include your skills, experience, accomplishments, goals, interests, and other qualifications.

Your connections may be able to refer you to a hiring manager. Or, they might introduce you to another professional who can help with your job search.

Thank each connection for their help with your job search. Offer to help them out when needed.

4. Set Up Informational Interviews

Use LinkedIn to connect with professionals who work in the jobs you desire. Ask to briefly meet with these professionals to discuss the company culture, their job duties and responsibilities, what they like most about the work, and other relevant details.

Use your findings to determine whether the job and company would be a good fit for you. If so, ask your connection to refer you to the hiring manager. If not, continue your job search.

Thank the professionals for their help. Offer to return the favor when needed.

5. Work with a Staffing Agency

Partner with a staffing agency that specializes in your industry. The agency has a vast network of employers who can benefit from your knowledge, skills, and experience.

An agency recruiter can help you improve your resume, set up interviews with employers, and coach you through the interview process. The recruiter also can negotiate any job offers on your behalf, help you get onboarded, and regularly follow up to ensure you are completely satisfied with the job and company.

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