Tips from a Recruiter: “Stay” Interviews

With roughly 4 million Americans resigning from jobs each month, now is the time to implement “stay” interviews and keep your employees from jumping ship.

A stay interview is a conversation between employees and managers to discover what they like about their job, what they would change, what motivates them, and what they’d like to do in the future. Understanding these areas can help employers identify how to keep people engaged and lessen the risk of them quitting.

As opposed to an exit interview, which is performed when an employee is already leaving the organization, this is a proactive opportunity that allows workers and their leaders to connect before it’s too late.

Stay interviews also offer more benefits –

  • Increase Retention & Decrease Turnover
  • Improve Engagement
  • Identify New Opportunities & Development
  • Cut Costs of Backfilling Roles
  • Build Rapport & Trust

Hiring is tough, and companies are competing for top talent. If you can implement strategies such as stay interviews across your organization, it could help retain your best and brightest employees. That’s a win-win.


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