How Employee Development Boosts Retention and Morale

Offering employee development opportunities is an effective method to boost retention and morale. Providing what employees want from their employers encourages them to apply for openings and remain long-term.

LinkedIn’s May 2023 Global Talent Trends report showed that organizations whose employees develop skills while on the job experience higher retention than organizations whose employees do not develop skills while on the job. As a result, you should offer opportunities for employees to develop skills that complement their work and offer growth within your organization. These ideas can help.

Discover three methods to provide employee development to boost retention and morale.

Start Employee Development on Day 1

Connect new hires to employee development opportunities from their first day of work. These opportunities help create a deep impact on the employee experience:

  • You can build employee development into your onboarding process by having new hires engage in discussions about your organization and its mission and path.
  • The next day, new hires can participate in activity-based breakout rooms for deep discussions on the company and career paths.
  • New hires can use what they learned to develop action plans for their professional paths.

New hires can continue their onboarding experience through day-to-day interactions with their managers. For instance, managers can create employee connections by talking with new hires about what motivates them and how they can best work together. These discussions help new hires perform their best by doing meaningful work that aligns with their interests and abilities.

Schedule Regular Employee Development

Setting aside time each month for employee development helps create belonging and connection to purpose. These activities help increase employee performance.

You might want to schedule a day and time each month, such as the second Wednesday at 2 p.m., for your team to engage in employee development. The establishment of a routine helps employees know what to expect and how to prepare.

Provide Employee Coaching

Ongoing coaching helps employees develop the skills required to perform their current roles and the roles they would like to have in the future. Coaching has been shown to increase employee engagement, retention, and morale for a stronger bottom line.

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