Tips from a Recruiter: How To Impress a Recruiter

Impressing a recruiter is crucial when you’re applying for a job or exploring new career opportunities. It goes beyond just qualifications; it’s about showcasing your personality, professionalism, and fit for the role.

Here are some tips to help you make the best impression:

  • Customize Your Resume: Tailor your resume to align with the job description and emphasize your relevant skills and experience. Make it clear you are qualified (pro tip: bullet points are our favorite). Please add education with dates too and cite if it’s completed, in progress, or ‘dates attended’.
  • Software and Certifications: Highlight your technical skills and certifications (preferably near the top of your resume). These are usually buried in the resume or pushed down to the bottom, so make them pop because we love to see it!
  • Tenure and Progression: Seeing growth and stability at an organization shows us you are an adaptable, continuous learner and gives us more assurance you are committed.
  • Communication: Stand out by doing simple things – acknowledging an email from a recruiter, following up after the interview, sending a ‘thank you’ note – all demonstrate your interest in the role and your overall professionalism.

Recruiters are usually the first step in the hiring process, and we view thousands of resumes. These tips will help keep you at the top of the pile and hopefully the interviews will follow.


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