Company Culture: Supporting Hiring Managers

Corps Team’s strong company culture contributes to a supportive environment for hiring managers. Working in this type of environment enhances the overall recruitment experience.

Our ongoing support for hiring managers is one reason why so many turn to us for help to fill their recruitment needs. We closely work with each manager to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the recruitment process and beyond.

Discover why Corp Team’s supportive company culture is one reason why hiring managers partner with us.

Components of Company Culture

Company culture is based on the organization’s mission, vision, and values. These characteristics are demonstrated through employee interactions with stakeholders.

The components of a company’s culture include:

  • Core values: The beliefs that guide the organization’s decisions and actions. These values typically are reflected in company policies and practices and communicated to employees.
  • Work style: The company’s typical approaches to work and methods to complete tasks. Whereas some companies focus on collaboration, others focus on independent work.
  • Communication style: How employees communicate with colleagues, coworkers, clients, and other stakeholders. These factors include the level of formality, the use of technology, and how feedback is provided and implemented.
  • Behavioral norms: The written and unwritten rules about how employees should behave. Examples include how employees dress and deal with conflict.

Corps Team’s Company Culture

Corps Team has a cohesive, collaborative company culture:

  • We are one company and one team.
  • Although our individual objectives and needs vary daily, our ultimate goals are the same.
  • We operate collectively with the same vision and mission in mind.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit and the motivation to work hard, solve problems, and innovate:

  • We work as a team to grow the business.
  • We share ideas and best practices.
  • We take the company seriously and strive to improve.

We value responsible flexibility:

  • We practice the work-life synthesis we promote to our candidates.
  • We live well, work hard, and value our flexibility.

Pride and integrity are essential to our company culture:

  • We are proud of our brand and our business.
  • We believe in our mission.
  • Our recruiters operate with honesty and integrity.
  • We engage in practices that are right, fair, and true.

We provide excellent service:

  • We strive to provide impeccable service to the constituents with whom we work.
  • Our clients, candidates, colleagues, partners, and the media are essential to our business.

Are You a Hiring Manager Looking for a Supportive Recruitment Partner?

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