Hybrid Work Solutions: Rethinking Where You Work

Many employees are rethinking where they work to better accommodate work-life integration. As a result, hybrid work solutions are becoming more common than ever.

A February 2023 study by the Pew Research Center found that 41% of respondents with jobs that could be done remotely were working a hybrid schedule. Whereas 59% of the employees who were not self-employed reported working from home 3 or more days per week, 41% reported working from home 2 days or fewer per week.

Because hybrid work solutions have professionals rethinking where they work, you should consider implementing hybrid work solutions into your team or organization. The following methods can help.

Discover how to implement hybrid work solutions to benefit employees who are rethinking where they work.

Offer Commuting Stipends

Many employees would rather work from home than pay fuel and transportation costs to work at the office. As a result, you should consider implementing hybrid work solutions and providing your employees with commuting stipends.

You might encourage your employees to come to the office for brainstorming sessions, collaborative projects, and team-building activities. Providing a stipend to help with commute costs helps facilitate these face-to-face interactions.

Focus on Relationship-Building

Organize onsite team-building activities to support collaboration and cohesion. These in-person interactions more effectively support team bonding and company culture than videoconferencing and instant messaging.

You might consider catering lunch, taking walks together, or organizing other activities for when your team is working onsite. Engaging your employees in team activities supports camaraderie and collaboration.

Encourage In-Office Work for Gatherings

A 2023 Gallup poll found that 90% of office workers did not want to return to the traditional ways of working. Many of these employees were ready to walk away from a job if they had to work at the office full-time.

As a result, many employers who offer hybrid work solutions encourage their employees to be in the office for meetings, training, group collaborations, and other types of gatherings. Being physically present encourages more employee interactions than being on a videoconference call.

Emphasize Productivity

Many employees, especially those with families, appreciate the flexibility to work either remotely or onsite. However, other employees prefer to work at the office to more effectively separate their professional and personal responsibilities. Therefore, offering hybrid work solutions lets your employees where they feel the most productive.

Employees who can separate their professional and personal responsibilities typically experience strong job satisfaction. These employees contribute to high employee morale. As a result, you should offer hybrid work solutions to strengthen company culture and elevate employee attraction and retention rates.

Requiring your employees to work in-office a few days a week supports camaraderie, collaboration, and problem-solving. The results include stronger employee engagement and performance.

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