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  • 3 Must-Take Steps After Accepting a Job


    Cheers! You made it through the job search process and landed that new job. Go ahead and take a minute to celebrate…and then remember to do these 3 things.

  • The Inside Scoop: Q&A with Corps Team Recruiters

    inside scoop recruiters

    Looking for a job can be overwhelming…especially if you haven’t done so recently. In this two-part conversation, a few of our amazing Corps Team staff answer some questions to help make your search more successful and the process less mysterious.

  • Searching for a New Job While Employed


    Whether you're looking for flexible staffing, a job that's closer to home or simply want a change of pace, searching for a new job while employed has its challenges.

  • Don't Let Maternal Discrimination Keep You from Jobs


    Some moms have first-hand accounts about the times they were the most qualified candidate for a position but were passed over because some employers had concerns about whether they'd be 100 percent dedicated to their careers despite their families.

  • 4 Tips For Negotiating a Salary


    There are many steps to the hiring process that you have to worry about. For many, the most dreaded one is also the most necessary one - salary negotiations.

  • Be Informed and Professional At Job Interviews


    Regardless of what stage your career is in, prospective employers want to hire people who are upbeat and view every job as a learning experience.

  • Prepare and Practice Before Job-Hunting Events

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    When you're re-entering the job force and you need some flexibility in your work arrangement, the experts at Mom Corps can help you focus your job search at employment events.

  • Spring Clean Your Resume


    Whether you are just starting your job search or are in the middle of a search, consider a "spring clean" of your resume by trying out functional resumes.

  • How to Opt Into the Workforce as a Stay-at-Home Mom


    Factors to think about as you're preparing to re-enter the professional world.

  • 5 Best Practices When Searching for a Job

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    Five tips to keep in mind while you continue your job hunt.

  • Tips for Applying for a Virtual Job

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    What makes a remote candidate stand out in a hiring manager's eyes and what can you do to put yourself at the top of the consideration list?

  • The Benefits of Part-time Work


    Part-time work is a great way to generate income without sacrificing your personal life, can provide a better work-life blend and allow you to tend to tasks at home while flourishing as a professional.

  • Hunting for the Job That's Best for You


    Finding jobs that are tailored to blending your professional and personal lives can be a challenge. Here's how you can.

  • Don't Rush Through Your Job Search


    Some parents might jump at the first job offer that comes their way, but patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to finding the right workplace.

  • Wrap up Your (Resume) Package Before the Holidays


    Are you the type who’s typically twiddling your thumbs while holiday shoppers are scrambling for sales? Consider transferring your time management skills to fortifying your resume.

  • When Job Searching Becomes a Nightmare


    Job searching is hard enough, but one small move can turn a promising job opportunity into a lost cause. With Halloween just around the corner, we want to ease your fears and help you avoid these job search nightmares with a few simple tips.

  • Finding Your Way Down a New Career Path


    Taking on a new career can be challenging and a little daunting. You may be asking yourself a lot of questions, including “Can I do this?” Here at Mom Corps, we believe that you CAN start a new career path, and we are here to guide you on that path.

  • Get Into Flexible Staffing While the Market's Hot


    As the economy continues to recover, expect companies to keep relying on part-time workers to make their financial standings a little more forgiving.

  • Could Your 'Thank You' Note Be More Important Than Your Resume?


    When you completed job interviews, you may have thought that was your one chance to let your prospective employer know how much you want to be hired, or thought of something that should have been said during the meeting, or would like to rephrase a point that wasn't clear... Well, there's a way to do that and it's all in one place - the thank you note.

  • Try Temporary Jobs to Find Your Dream Job


    If you're contemplating a return to the workplace after taking several years off while your children were young or just looking for a fresh start, working as a temporary employee is a way to learn about a variety of industries in a short amount of time.

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